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My Prayer For You

Perhaps you feel like your situation is desperate, and that you have no where to turn.  Please know many are praying for you even though we don't know you personally.  I encourage you to consider praying, too.  Ask Mary, Jesus' mother, to pray for you.  She is our loving, heavenly mother and has helped countless people in their most dire need.   She will pray for you, too.  I am deeply grateful for help she has brought me.  The nearly 500 year old Mexican image of her below is know as "Our Lady of Guadalupe."   

Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe:

Virgin of Guadalupe,

Patroness of unborn children,

we implore your intercession

for every child at risk of abortion.

Help expectant parents to welcome from God

the priceless gift of their child’s life.

Console parents who have lost that gift through abortion,

and lead them to forgiveness and healing

through the Divine Mercy of your Son.

Teach us to cherish and to care for family and friends until God calls them home.

Help us never to see others as burdens.  Guide our public officials

to defend each and every human life through just laws.

Inspire us all to bring our faith into public life, to speak for those who have no voice.  

We ask this in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, who is Love and Mercy itself.