"O give thanks unto the LORD; for He is good:
 for His mercy endureth for ever."

~Psalms 118:29

Welcome to Fountain of Mercy.  Coming from a Catholic perspective, fountainofmercy.com's main purpose is to inspire Faith, Hope and Love among those facing an unplanned pregnancy or emotionally recovering from abortion, as well as bring to light harmful effects of abortion.  Here you will find a collection of resources  relating to pregnancy help, abortion facts, adoption, post-abortive resources, women's health, chastity and pro-life organizations.

* It doesn't matter if you come from a Catholic perspective yourself to benefit from the many resources and prayers provided here.

If you are contemplating abortion, or are healing from an abortion, my deepest hope is for you to 
know that both you and your baby are loved and prayed for by people you don't even know.   

Please, know, there are places that can help - if you want help - no matter how hopeless your 
situation seems.  Places that provide shelter, financial assistance, motherhood and educational support.

May this website give you peace and encouragement.  

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